AYE Study Abroad Program

AYE purposefully creates an enabling platform that identifies, nurtures, empowers and challenges young Africans in the diaspora to be positive change-makers in their respective communities and Africa. Our outstanding signature, African Abroad Program, aims to make the African youth in the Diaspora aware of the continent’s economic potentials and most importantly, reverse brain drain. To achieve this goal, we have partnered with successful African based educational institutions and companies to create academic and career-oriented opportunities for young Africans who participate in our study abroad program.

We believe that once participants have gained the necessary academic training and field-experience, they will be better equipped to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in a continued effort to enhance the development of the continent. During their stay, participants will have first-hand experience of the continent, better appreciate Africa’s economic terrain while exploring lucrative business opportunities which will birth expanded networks and professional growth.


If you have ever wanted to experience and contribute to the continent in a great way, here is your chance. AYE’s Study Abroad Program offers more than academic and cultural experiences; it provides you the opportunity to make an IMPACT. The AYE Study Abroad program is uniquely designed for foreign students of African descent to study, intern, research and explore opportunities in Africa for a semester. Our African Abroad program promotes the following:

  • Study: Students will be placed at a premier university and take courses that are transferable to their home schools.
  • Research: Students will be mandated to participate in group research in areas relating to both thriving and underdeveloped industries. Students are encouraged to undertake case studies.
  • Internship: Students will be placed at emerging and top companies as interns for the purposes of exposing them to corporate Africa and other industries.
  • Explore: Students will be encouraged to participate in cultural and local activities or events such as festivals, music and movie awards, and sporting events.