What is the AYE Abroad Internship Program?

African Youth Excellence’s Abroad Program has an internship component that seeks to partner organizations to give placement in their organizations to allow visiting AYE students intern with them with the objective of exposing students to corporate Africa, with emphasis on promoting learning aspects of the hands-on experience.

Why do an internship?

Internship placements provide many opportunities and benefits to students. Some benefits include:

  1. Exposure to career opportunities in Africa:  Internships will offer ideal ways of identifying career opportunities within Africa and give students strong sense and knowledge about the thriving corporate Africa. Students will also experience a valuable means of creating a positive professional, entrepreneurial or social enterprise profile in Africa. Students can become familiar with the skills and attitudes needed by global African businesses and recognize what the demands of working life in Africa are undergoing in today’s rapid and constant changing world.
  2. Networking and Relationship building: AYE Abroad trip might be the beginning of great prospects in Africa for a visiting student. Spending time in an organization in Africa will place students on a platform to build relationships, form partnerships and make good use of a rich network of people from varied backgrounds and industries. Networking will help our students tap into the experiences of successful people in Africa and can help improve the quality and preparedness of students who will be coming into the African labor market. Building links with partner organizations and successful professionals can help students easily get back into corporate Africa should they decide to do so in future.
  3. Professional and Personal Development opportunities: By actively interning in an organization in Africa, students will get the opportunity to partake in real world professional engagements. Students will be involved in processes such as policy development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of work projects. The experience will help students develop their management skills, obtain industry specific expertise and broaden their professional horizon. The whole experience will go a long way to offer lifelong personal and professional development opportunities to students. Students will get the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, especially in Africa. Students who wish to return to Africa or work in relation to Africa will have a competitive advantage over their colleagues since they can acquire the right skills and attitudes.

Our Commitment

Our partner organizations are ready to help students develop skills and qualities required to succeed in corporate Africa, and present future career choices by providing students with first-hand work experience. Partner organizations are trusted corporations in Africa noted for efficient and effective operations. They are very much aware and devoted to the objectives of our African Abroad Program. They have all agreed to accept, support and offer our students opportunities in order to achieve greater versions of our stated goals.